XiRepair Founder Weighs In On White House’s Pro-Repair Push

I85Cyber community steward and Montgomery, Alabama based XiRepair CoFounder & CEO Jonathan Strange recently offered his insights and experiences around some of the tangible and day-to-day particulars of President Biden and his administration’s “Right To Repair” legislative efforts.

CEO Strange and the team from XiRepair have a unique perspective about this issue due to their being Alabama’s fastest growing electronics repair, sales and data recovery company.  More about him and his team can be found hereCEO Strange is also a graduate of the I85Cyber.org Launch & Learn Labs Tech/Creative Accelerator 2022 Summer Cohort.

The content of the Washington Post news article makes for an informative read.  The original media piece and all of the details can be accessed via the web-link below.

Apple Pushing Repair Law Limits While Limiting IPhone Fixes – Washington Post