Valiant Cross Academy & I85Cyber Partner To Launch Tech Training Pilot Program

During its high school’s 2024 Spring Semester 2023 YASS Prize Recipient Valiant Cross Academy partnered with the membership of the I85Cyber to launch an 8 weeks “Industry Driven” Technology Training Pilot Program.

10 Valiant Cross High School students were chosen to participate in this training effort where the primary focus of the endeavor was to expose the students to a side of the industry and to the skill sets needed within the information technology industry that are core to practically everything – basics of computing mathematics.

The primary purpose of this initiative was to broaden the exposure of the students in an effort to get them to exercise the most valuable tool that they can bring to their future IT careers – “A LOGICALLY THINKING MIND” and to remove some of the “mystery and magic” of how digital devices and services (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, web-sites, etc) actually function and operate.

Many thanks to Valiant Cross Academy Founders Anthony Brock and Frederick Brock, Principle Felissa Clemons and High School STEM/Cisco Instructor Christopher Jackson.  Without each of you this effort would not have been possible.

The team from is looking forward to the possibilities and the potential of another collaborative effort this coming 2024 Fall Semester.