Launch & Learn Labs Hosts Spring 2024 Accelerator Cohort

On March 17th the Launch & Learn Labs kicked off its Spring 2024 cohort with 20+ registered startup founders as a part of its 13-weeks business training workshop series which brings a scientific method approach to the business development process of gaining customers & growing your business.

This data-driven methodology has fueled hyper-growth for companies across the U.S. and the entire world. This course explains current industry best practices for delivering products and services to market, and offers practical insight on how to

  • Discover and Develop Customers rather than searching for that “hard to find” start-up capital from traditional banks and lending institutions.
  • Become more PROBLEM-Centric not PRODUCT/SERVICE-Centric because very few people and organizations care about your product/services/business but are primarily concerned only about THEIR PROBLEMS!!
  • Monitor/Manage the Customer & User Experience while becoming a DATA-CENTRICLY DRIVEN BUSINESS.
  • Discover why one of the best times to launch a startup is WHILE STILL BEING ENROLLED AS A STUDENT or STILL WORKING YOUR FULL-TIME JOB!!

Some of the things which differentiates the Launch & Learn Lab’s training programs from other entrepreneurial training program offerings throughout the Southeastern US?

  • A “HEAVY” focus upon the process of customer/user DISCOVERY, DEVELOPMENT, tracking the EXPERIENCES rather than focusing upon the particulars of writing a masters thesis like document better know as a business plan.
  • Training sessions are led by “full-time”- still in the game of capitalism – entrepreneurs.
  • Learn how to NOT continuously have to travel and operate along the proverbial biz pitch competition circuit BUT rather to engage in the ongoing pursuit of credit card wielding/cashing holding/check writing/cryptocurrency possessing “PAYING CUSTOMERS” and founders experiencing investors pursuing their startup/firm not the other way around.
  • For entrepreneurs who DO DESIRE to participate in business pitching efforts to angel/venture investment groups, our training framework works well as a solid preparatory platform.