AAICE/NVIDIA Collaborates With HudsonAlpha During HATCH 2024 Event

A round of kudos and congrats to the Alabama AI Center Of Excellence(AAICE)s @NickBuhl and NVIDIAs @DaniDeVito for their recent efforts during HudsonAlpha‘s HATCH 2024 Event.

60+ university and high schools students from all over the State of Alabama and beyond were registered to converge on the campus of HudsonAlpha for 3 days of Data Science/Data Engineering oriented “hacking”.

An additional round of shout outs to @TylerClark and the entire HudsonAlpha Team for being so open and collaborative in their choosing to partner with the AAICE/NVIDIA Team.  Granting the HATCH 2024 participants access to the AAICE NVIDIA DGX A100 AI based Supercomputing Platform for the duration of the HATCH 2024 event is at the core of the Alabama AI Center of Excellence‘s mission and service mandates.

One of the more intriguing AI based activities during the HATCH 2024 event involved the “mimicing” of a “secure” ChaTCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas(TCGA)) Data Set Tech Challenge where the participants were tasked with

  • using an AI/ML approach to create a mimic dataset that captures the variation found within a secure source dataset
  • developing an AI/ML predictive model using the mimic dataset
  • validating the newly developed model back on the secure source dataset

all of which was seriously exciting and “real world applications” stuff!!

All parties involved shared that they are looking forward to additional collaborative efforts in the near future.